Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tracie's Gone Shopping

Where? Target. Need I say more?

Target has upped its clothing and accessories department in the last couple of years. Their focus now is on the "Frugal-ista." A "Frugalista" are those ladies, like me, who love fashion but don't want to spend big bucks on it. In the midst of the recession, this is such an exciting offer mouth watering pieces at bargain prices.

If you haven't been in the jewelry department lately, take an extra 10 or 15 minutes to take a turn through. The Target around here moved everything out of its cases and put them on top on easy to see and reach stands. My latest purchase was a wonderful cuff bracelet. See it left. It is a nice shiny gold toe and adorned with luscious glass "crystals". It is solid construction and looks to cost much, much more than it does. It retails for $24 but I got it on sale for $20. When I wear it, I get compliments left and right from people I don't even know. I was at a bar the other night with my husband and this lady next to me literally coveted my Target find. I think I could've sold it to her and made a profit and I wanted to let it go. But as long as it lasts, it is a main stay in my bracelet collection.

On the same day, I took a bit of a turn through the clothing department. In the past, Target has leaned more towards the Junior set. Since I turned 40, I've decided that I need to choose clothing a bit more carefully. Focus on quality and style rather than what it "in" right now. Imagine my thrill when I saw this gorgeous dress pictured left. It is a glorious swirl of green, blue, yellow & white watercolor-esque pattern. The design is a fresh twist on a traditional look. it has a hidden zipper and is fully line...and it only cost $39. Better yet, it look fabulous with the bracelet just picked up in the jewelry department!

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