Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Taste of Summer Brings Comfort

When I am sick, or tired, or both, I tend to eat random foods for meals. Sure, I do the usual soup or grilled cheese or hot tea, but there are some items that I crave that not only offer comfort but some sort of satisfaction. When I've had an upset stomach and am feeling better, the first thing I want to eat is a Wendy's 1/4 pounder with cheese only. This is what I ate as a kid before discovering the magic onions and pickles add to a cheeseburger, so in essence, I sooth my tummy and relive a tasty childhood memory.
With this bout of illness this year, I've turned to another old favorite: biscuits and jam. I'll eat it for any meal any day. Last night I had it for dinner with a glass of cold milk. Yum! I've tried several brands and recipes and I've settled on one combination that is reminiscent of a summer's home baked cherry pie.
First, start with a warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven biscuit. My newest favorite is from the Immaculate Baking Company. ( In less than 20 minutes, these 8 biscuits come out fluffy, light and flaky...not to mention delicious.
Before they cool off, slice one open and slather on your most favorite butter. My spread of choice is Land O' Lakes spreadable butter with Olive Oil ( It is smooth and creamy and melts into a luscious puddle on top of the biscuit.
Then top off your biscuits with a healthy scoop of Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves ( Once the warm biscuit melts the butter which then mixes with the jam, this is where the summer shines through. These preserves tastes just like a luscious cherry pie---a lovely marriage of whole cherries resting in a glossy sweet/tart jam. So good, I even eat them with a spoon straight out of the fridge.

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