Monday, August 20, 2012


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Trying to be cryptic and cool, I recently posted this picture on Facebook and asked my friends, "Who am I? What am I?"  Within minutes came a comment: "Little Red Rooster!"  Foiled, again!

It hadn't occurred to me at the time of my enigmatic status update that there aren't many animals with the color red around their eyes.  In fact, I can only think of two:  a cardinal and a rooster.

It is widely known that a rooster has long been a symbol of good luck. Which is why many people, plop one down somewhere in the kitchen as a chotsky, wall decor, or some other form.  The kitchen is the hearth of the home, and, perhaps, the luck radiates from there throughout the family.  I come from a long line of rooster huggers.  My great-grand-mother had a rooster and hen set that now I have nesting in a window.  If memory serves me, my grandmother had a matching set sitting loving looking at the salt and pepper shakers on her table.  My mother has roosters all over the kitchen, including a three foot one who sits proudly on her kitchen table.

Throughout history, the rooster has had many meanings for different cultures. ( The ancient Greeks believed that the brave and confident crow was a symbol of conquering the night: victory over opposition.  In Christianity, the rooster has morphed into a way to protect against evil; hence, weathervanes sporting roosters are believed to provide the same protection. If you see a rooster in your dreams, it is time to be honest with yourself and show others your true colors.
I was born under the rooster in the Chinese zodiac calendar: specifically the Wood Rooster (go ahead a Google it to see how old I am if you're that curious!).  Oh, here, I'll make it easy on you: ( People born under the rooster are believed to have many different traits ranging from not-so-attractive ones to OK-I'll-take-that ones.  My pride (a rooster trait) encourages me to share only some of the more positive attributes:  a rooster is honest, trustworthy, loyal, organized, motivated and detail oriented.  I'll take that.