Thursday, January 28, 2010

Living a Mindful Life Lesson 4: Windowpane Gratitude

Being grateful for the people and blessings around you helps create a mindful sense of being. Sometimes it is hard to be thankful, especially if you are in the midst of trauma, drama or living in the future.
Yesterday I was drying my hair. Every time I dry the right side, I'm looking out our single window in our rather small bathroom. The view is a beautiful snapshot of our back yard. I especially enjoy it in the summer when all the plants are in their glory. Now it is winter and yesterday there was condensation on the window. I reached over with my free hand and drew a symbol for six things I was grateful for at that moment: one in each of the bottom panes. Some were really meaningful--those are the easy ones. But a couple were part of the mundane, little things that get overlooked when I am wanting more. Then I smiled.
Naming your gratuities gives them weight and power. You don't have to write them down or draw them out on frosted glass. You can simply name them in your head. Maybe when you brush your teeth (be grateful you live in the Age of Fluoride) or when you a driving (hey, cars don't poop like horses did), think of a gratitude at every stop light. Whenever it is, find a routine for being grateful on a daily basis.

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