Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Living a Mindful Life Lesson 3: Rudolph Finds a New Nose

One consideration of living a mindful life in to be in tune with what makes you feel good about yourself and your world around you. Sometimes you have to try something new to achieve a bit of joy. When I turned thirty, I thought I would never get another breakout again. I was an adult after all. Clear skin has always been a goal of mine. I never go a day without washing and moisturising my face. Well now I am forty, yes, forty, and I still get those darned pimples. The ones I hate the most are the ones that are big, red, and painful and nothing comes out of them. At least you get some satisfaction out of the other ones when you squeeze! I got one of these Big Reds on my nose the other day (OK, you can stop with the Rudolph jokes). I remembered reading an article in one of those fashion magazines about using Preparation H (yes, honey, hemorrhoid cream) on red pimples to take out the swelling and the redness. I was desperate, so I got some and tried it. It smelled weird and was greasy so I put it on at night and then the next morning it was down quite a bit. I wasn't going anywhere that day, so I greased up again and by the time I picked up my kids, it was down far enough that I could actually cover it up with concealer. Ahhh, even the illusion of clear skin makes me feel better. Find out what your body, heart, soul needs. Maybe it is a hot chocolate chip cookie. Or sitting in the sun (use sunscreen). Try juicing or yoga or a new kind of food. Whatever it is, just take a chance--in a mindful way, of course.

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