Monday, July 16, 2012

Dunes Club Show Update

My show at the Dunes Club was successful in the fact that I got a lot of positive feedback from a lot of people.  I know that some of the weren't just being nice: I heard several talking about my paintings and they didn't know I was listening!  It really made me feel proud of my efforts.  My husband was my promoter by handing out my business cards through the event if someone asked him about me.  Even though I thought there would be a place to put my spec sheet for my reproductions, it didn't work out as expected.  I was a bit disappointed, because I am so proud how they turned out.  I am back to taking baby steps towards making this happen.  I am gathering names of stores and galleries in the area.

My children also received accolades for their pieces.  I was thrilled for them to have the experience of an art show for themselves.  I hope it encourages them to continue to develop and hone their talent.

I have a few more shows coming up in the next couple of months.  My "art mentor," I call him, has told me to just try to get as much exposure as possible.  I'm working on it!

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