Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sew What?!?! Making Skinny Jeans that Fit

Thunder Thighs. Bubble Butt. I've been called them all. And I've felt like them all. When asked what the least favorite part of my body, it is very easy to answer: my thighs. I can live happily with my voluminous backside ass-set, but I have to say that I am pea-green with envy of anyone who has thin, willowy thighs. Ahhhhhh......I can't tell you how excited I was back in the day when "relaxed jeans" surfaced. I finally had a jean that I could fit my thighs into! Thing is, they weren't "relaxed" on me...they were fitted. But, at least they fit. Up until then, I was buying boys jeans because they had a larger thigh circumference than girls'.

So, imagine the lump in my throat when I saw that "skinny jeans" were in style. Yes, you are right. I could just skip it and not do the skinny jean thing. But, I enjoy fashion. I enjoy trying new looks and mixing and matching items. But, I really don't enjoy pants. Especially skinny pants. Truth be told, bottom line (accept the pun), I couldn't fit into any of the designer "skinny jeans" no matter how many sizes I went up.

Instead of giving up and resigning myself to "mom" jeans, I decided to get crafty. Notice the sewing machine picture above. It actually belongs to my son. Yes, that's right, son. I bought it for him for $89 and taught him how to sew a nice, even straight stitch. He has made a couple of blankets and pillows. Once you can do that, you can really sew just about anything.

So, I went to my "FAVORITE" store, Target, and purchased a pair of dark washed Mossimo boot cut jeans: specifically Mossimo Preminum Denium Low Rise, Bootcut jeans. They are awesome! They are very stretchy and very comfortable. The best part, they only cost around $14 (On sale. They are regularly , brace yourself, $27.99! I took them home and I made my own skinny jeans. So for all those girls with luscious thighs and juicy bums, here is how you do it:

First of all, put your jeans on wrong side out. Note that you should be really careful putting the jeans on; I majorly scratched my thigh on the zipper. Once you get them on, grab some pins (or grab a friend with a bottle of wine & a hand full of pins) and pin the pants to the fit you like. For the record, I started around my knee area and continued all the way down. But, this will vary with the size and shape of your legs. I have relatively chunky knees.

Next you are going to sew down the leg, following the pins . Sew slowly and take them out as you go. After you finish both legs, try on the pants the right way and make sure they fit. If they don't (heaven forbid) take them off, take out the seam, and pin and sew them again. Honestly, chances are, they are just fine. Once you have the fit the way that you want them (hooray) you will want to do a zig-zag stitch along the straight stitch on the outside. This will reinforce your seam and prevent fraying. Next, you will clip along the zig-zag stitch with a good pair of scissors.

Hey, so now you are done! Break out the champagne!! (Preferably Veuve Clicquot). Turn them right-side-out and try them one. They should fit perfectly and you should be so happy that even though you have junk in the trunk, you are a yummy mummy in your new skinny jeans. Grab a fun top and a pair of high heels. Run, do not walk, to you local bar for a perfect martini of choice. By making your own jeans, you've probably saved yourself around $200! You can sashay in your skinny jeans feeling not only cool, but oh, so comfortable and thrifty. Cheers!

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