Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bracelets: One of My Favorite Things

I was an English Major at a liberal arts college (Austin College, Sherman, TX:, so the power of words is extremely intriguing to me. I actually have words & saying painted throughout my house...over doors, on walls, in mantel frames. The words add such warmth and meaning to my home. People who visit us, know how a I feel about family, friends, life.

One of my most favorite accessories (next to my wedding ring) is bracelets. If I am well, awake, & not working out, I usually am wearing at least one, but probably a stack of 3-5 on my right arm and a couple on my left. Imagine my delight when I discovered there were bracelet with WORDS on them! Ahhhhh!

When I first learned of Jessica Kagan Cushman bracelets, I just had to have one. Having learned scrimshaw from her father, who took up the craft in the 1960's in Nantucket, Jessica has taken the artform to a new level - creating scrimshawed antique ivory bracelets that lie somewhere between a tattoo and a bumper sticker. Jessica takes quotes and phrases, from movies, literature and in some cases, New York graffiti and transcribes them via scrimshaw onto fossilized wooly mammoth ivory bracelets - combing a venerable traditional craft with wry, modern wit. For those of us opposed to ivory or who simply can't afford it (me), Jessica designed reproductive resin ones that retail for around $130.

There was a little boutique in town that was going out of business. When I went on one of its last days, it had a few bracelets left at half price. I bought one for myself that said: "Vodka Martini: Shaken Not Stirred." I figured I could wear it on date night and just show the bartender what I wanted without speaking. I also purchased a little witty one that states the most important question: "Does This Bracelet Make Me Look Fat?"

Since then, I've purchased three more. One is in celebration of the Southern Girl in me; it says: Kiss My Grits (HAD to have it). The other two pay homage to one of my most favorite movies & books (again, the southern girl in me): Gone with the Wind. I have one that quotes Rhett Butler: "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn" and another that quotes Miss Scarlet's final line: "After all...tomorrow is another day."

I might wear them together or stack them with other gold, black and ivory colored bracelets...sometimes even a touch of red. I love, love, love them!

Purchase yours at: Right now, until the end of January, they are having a buy two, get one free deal. I hear tell that there are some a TJ Maxx Jewelry Department as well. There are other retailers on line you can find by GOOGLING. Some are having sales right now. Apparentaly Jessica only makes a certain number of bracelets, so once they are gone, they are gone! You can find a quote to fit just about any one and it will be the perfect, stylish gift.

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