Saturday, January 10, 2009


Audi-isms are things that only Audrey says and only the people who love and know her understand. For a silly list of real sayings, read on:

“Soccer no fitta’ me!”

“I wanna paint my facing.”

“I forgot my mind.”

“I drinky. I want chaw-kit milk, pweeeze!”

“Skatch me.”

“Where my pack-pack?”

“You bwessed youd, so bwess you, Mom.”

“Dat’s spar-kitty! I wike spar-kitty.”

“I need sun scream for my body.”

“I wuv wosted smushmellows!”

“Wed Sox won de World Serious!”

“He stuck my tongue at me!”

“Dakota goes back horse ridin’.”

“Do I have to go to da hasstibal?”

“I frushsurated!!”

“I can’t go to Kinnergawden. I don’t know how to weed!”

“We had a pepper alley at school today.”

“I eat Frosted Lakes with milk.”

“Change the lightball. I no wike da dawk.”

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  1. Man I love the Audi-isms. Smushmellows! I love it.