Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pure Pleasures

I went grocery shopping today. It is one of those necessary evils like getting a pap smear, doing laundry or cleaning up vomit. The new Nickelback song If Today was Your Last Day came on the radio and one of the first lines said: "each day's a gift, not a given right...." The synopsis of the song is that you should live your daily life as if it were your last in all that you do. This line really hit home with me; you are given the gift of another day each time you wake up in the morning. What are you going to do with it? I realized that it isn't just all the good things you should be doing with your life but also the good things you should be doing for yourself; those little things that bring a bit of joy. Driving down Route 2, I started making a mental list of what my pure pleasures are: uncomplicated things I can either do for myself or simply savor to make a bad day better or a great day fantastic.

        1. Brioche roll with butter, sharp cheddar, & hard peppered salami
        2. Hot day & the perfect sundress
        3. Freshly manicured toes & hands
        4. Clean sheet night
        5. The first scoop of peanut butter out of a new jar
        6. Hot bath before bed
        7. Dark chocolate truffle
        8. Margarita, rocks, salt
        9. Cool, dark room; heavy blanket
        10. Blasting Tom Petty on iPod

        You wanna hear the song? Click here to listen & read lyrics:

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