Thursday, March 5, 2009

30 Discoveries from My 30s I have said, I'm turning 40. I'm getting all reflective and nostalgic in my mid-life. These are in no particular order or relevance. They are as they come to mind:

It really is never too late to say "I'm Sorry." When Dakota first told me he hated me and never wished I was his mother, it was a dagger in my heart. I immediately called my Mom and apologized to her for ever saying that to her when I was a kid.

Motherhood is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had a pretty romantic ideal of what it would mean to be a mother before I had children. I didn't know how tired I would be. I didn't know how much I would worry. And I didn't know how delightfully painful loving my children would be.

Postpartum Depression is real.


Rag Doll cats are really very therapeutic for a hyper kid or a stressed out adult.

I'm glad my father taught me how to drive a stick shift. It came in handy as our first two cars of our marriage where sticks. I would've hated for Jonas to have to teach me to drive a stick. Can't be good for a marriage.

I really am a much better person if I am flexing my creative juices.

I still don't like seafood. In the past ten years I have tried shrimp, squid, octopus, lobster, halibut, white fish...and I STILL don't like it. I'm done trying.

How to make kick-ass margaritas.

Getting rid of unwanted hair professionaly is not only important but neccessary.

If you miss Days of Our Lives for six years, you can catch up in less than 3 new episodes.

I really love Historical Fiction in books and movies.

My Soul Sistas---the friends I've adopted as sisters.

Rhode Island isn't as bad as I thought. I like it best in the Summer & Fall. I'd like to live in Colorado in the Winter & Spring.

I am mentally and emotionally stronger than I ever thought I could be.

My mom was right when she said I would regret my tattoo.

There is nothing better than a hug and kiss from my children.

Yoga rocks!

You don't get bad hang-overs from really good tequila.

Never say never. Seriously.

My body is not like it was in my 20s but I can make it be the best it can be at whatever age I am.

Medication saves lives.

Babysitters save marriages.

Following my heart or my gut has lead to many great things.

Dark Chocolate + Red Wine = Heaven

Clogs are very comfortable.

Killing head lice is a tricky and arduous task.

Saying "Because I said so" is obviously a part of the parental handbook. My parents said it and now it automatically flows from my mouth.

Saying "No" is very liberating.

How to be truly grateful beyond just saying "thank you".

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